Designer and manufacturer of mechanical operators for the ventilation industry


Rack and Pinion

All windows as indicated on drawings and market "mechanically operated" shall be equipped with Dayton rack and pinion operators as manufactured by Dayton Metal Products, 716-969-8436.

Manually Controlled

Oil Enclosed Powers

Powers shall be of the oil enclosed, worm and gear type. Worms shall be machine cut steel. Gears shall be machine cut iron. Ball thrust bearings shall be mounted at each end of the worm stem. Housings shall be grey iron machined and fitted with gasket between lid and box to assure a grease tight box. All powers shall be packed with sufficient grease at time of assembly with brackets for mounting powers to the building construction.

Operating Line

Horizontal line shall consist of steel pipe shaft to which shall be attached grey iron pinions which are meshed with steel rack arms, the ends of which are attached to the ventilators.

Steel pipe shaft shall be not less than 1-5/16" O.D. standard pipe. Provide steel, roller-bearing bracket hangers at window mullions and at intervals not to exceed 8'-0" on centers for the full length of each horizontal shaft.

Rack Arms

Steel rack arms shall be fabricated from 1/4" X 1" flat bars accurately cut to mesh with grey iron pinion. Arms to be held in mesh with pinion by floating steel yoke. Provide one arm for horizontally pivoted and two arms for all projected and top pivoted vents.


Specify only one of the following controls:

Chain Wheel Control

Powers shall be fitted with chain wheels and guards. Power shall be exerted by heavy steel, continuous chain extending from chain wheel to within 2'-0" from floor level of control station. Furnish single or double idlers as may be necessary for chain to clean building construction.

Oil Enclosed Miter Gear and Vertical Shaft Control

Provide oil enclosed miter gear box and vertical shaft control as indicated on the drawings. Bevel gears shall be machine cut steel and mounted in grey iron housing of grease tight design for direct attachment to the building construction approximately 4'-0" above floor level. Gear boxes shall be packed with sufficient grease and shall be provided with handwheels or removable cranks as directed by the architect. Vertical shaft shall not be less than 1-5/16" O.D. standard steel pipe and shall be supported with steel roller bearing brackets. Provide universal joints as required to change direction of vertical line to clear building construction. Change in direction of vertical line shall not exceed 35 degrees at any universal joint.

Direct Handwheel Control

Provide direct handwheel control where the powers are within easy reach from the floor or as indicated on the drawings. Handwheel shall be attached direct to the worm stem of the power.

Shop Finish

All operators shall receive one coat of powder primer.

Special Rack Arm Information

We also manufacture heavy duty rack arms fabricated from 1/4" X 1-1/4" flat racks and 3/4" X 1-1/4" X 1/4" tee racks, straight or curved as required.