Designer and manufacturer of mechanical operators for the ventilation industry


Company History

Patents dated 1893 indicate Elmer E. Wolf invented a viable sash operating system which was later assigned to The Wolf Machine Co. of Dayton, Ohio. Patents in 1906 covered early geared design; and in 1907, the operating system using curved rack and pinion.

In 1920 the Wolf Machine Co. was purchased by Callahan Duo Glazed Sash Co. of Dayton. The name was changed to T.J. Callahan Co. T. J. Callahan, owner, held many patents on greenhouse components and operating systems. He also held patents on an early electrical rotating limit switch.

Dayton Metal Products started in 1925 as Dayton Greenhouse Manufacturing Co. located at 955 S. Perry Street, Dayton, Ohio. Dayton Greenhouse purchased the T.J. Callahan Co. in 1926. The company operated as Dayton Greenhouse until 1946. The name was changed to Dayton Metal Products Co. At that time, the company discontinued the manufacturing of greenhouses and continued to manufacture window operating systems.

In 1973 a fire destroyed the plant on Perry Street. Manufacturing was able to continue at various locations around Dayton. In 1975 the company moved into a 6,000 sq. ft. building at 3521 Wrightway Road in Dayton.

In October 1983 the company was purchased by K.C. MacKenzie. In July 1990 ground was broken for a 12,000 sq. ft. facility at 1731 Dalton Drive, New Carlisle, Ohio.

In June 2013 Hope's Windows, Inc. of Jamestown, New York purchased the assets of the company and will continue to provide the Dayton Metal Product line of products.