Designer and manufacturer of mechanical operators for the ventilation industry


Electric Operator | 911-E and 1011-E

Provide electrically controlled remote operators for hopper-in and project-out windows as indicated on drawings.


Each electric operator to be factory assembled unit with 3/4 H.P., 230/460V/3/60 Hz or 1/2 H.P 115V/1/60 Hz T.E.F.C. motor, roller chain drive in guard, shaft extension for manual operation, final reduction worm gearbox 30:1 ratio, G.E. rotating limit switch with timing gears, all mounted on 1/4" steel plate.

Provide reversing magnetic motor starter in N.E.M.A., 1 enclosure and push button station for open-close operation, one set per electric operator, all to be field wired by electrical contractor.


Operation of window shall be by a factory wired electric operator No. 1011-E. Operator to be in N.E.M.A. 12 enclosure and include fused disconnect switch, 3/4 H.P., 120V single phase or 440/220V/3/60 Hz motor, high speed gear reduced with synthetic lubricant, reversing magnetic starter, control voltage transformer, rotary limit switch and terminal switch, all factory wired. Included remote push-button station for open-close operation in N.E.M.A. 1 general purpose enclosure. (Push button station may be key operated.)